BABY color in clothes – combination

The beauty of the image can be revealed in different ways: bright and bright causes more emotions, but a complex and ambiguous gamma is an excellent base for creating original combinations. Today let’s talk about the swamp color in clothes.

marsh color in clothes

The color itself is in the palette of such tones as:

  • Khaki;
  • Olive;
  • Asparagus;
  • Marsh greens.

At the same time, the color itself includes not only green, but also yellow, gray, brown. Because it causes so much controversy and it seems, at first glance, somewhat dirty and cheap.

marsh color in clothes

The peculiarity of the shade itself is that it enters into the basic wardrobe, since it is easily combined with many colors, setting the latter in a different stylistic direction. Mix it with greens, yellow, blue and you will certainly get a noble duet.

It is rather warm due to the presence of brown, along with gray and green.

Who will suit

It is less complex than khaki or olive, and therefore is recommended for use by all color types.

  •  “Autumn” all shades are possible, with any dominant spectral “notes”.
  • “Spring” It is recommended to give preference to light colors.
  • “Winter” wear a bright and saturated option,
  • in it, how “Summer” Beauties can purchase this color thing, which will be located as far as possible from the face (skirt, bag, shoes).
who is a marsh in clothes

Best of all this color will emphasize the brilliance of brunettes, especially if you play with accessories or garments in contrast with black.

marsh color in clothes

Since the cold swamp itself is not very harmonious and comfortable, manufacturers of both mass and brand clothes are trying to sew from the fabrics of “warm” shades. The main thing, as elsewhere, is to know the measure and not to overdo it when choosing clothes and accessories.

In a word, gray-green is a natural tone that combines well with the same natural colors and creates a harmonious and complete image. But first things first.

Successful combinations

Of all the decisions, of course, many fashionable women prefer the three basic “whales”: black, white and gray.

The black

Need rigor, calm, composure and moderation – combine with black. Such a duet would be appropriate in any style, for going on a walk or a working day.

images with black
combination with marsh

The accessories will look great brown or red, shoes in tone, or completely invisible, for example, nude.


with white
swamp jacket, pants, cardigan in images with white

Another achromatic pair of using natural shade with white (dairy). Due to bright and purest color, “dirty” green acquires a new meaning and reveals its natural beauty and nobility. Ideal for summer sets, for example: dark pants with a white chiffon blouse.


The third basic “whale” that embodies the perfect and incomparable combination is noble gray. He is very elegant and correctly sets the style of the bow with skillful handling.

images with gray

Combine a gray T-shirt and a swamp-colored windbreaker (jacket, leather jacket, park) and you will get a bold and complete everyday look, characterized by restraint and comfort.

Chocolate and its variations

kits with brown chocolate

Since it is also included in the components of the gray-green-brown one, it absolutely exactly coincides with it and gives a beautiful and original flavor. Here you can add onions caramel, brownbeige. In short, all shades, ranging from light and reaching the most saturated fit (as in the photo).

Blue, Blue

swampy top with blue
combination of swamp and blue

Natural colors are always somewhere nearby, and therefore, such a tandem is no exception. Particularly interesting are the bright notes of denim (from blue to dark blue), which due to the contrast with the marsh become more expressive and noticeable. With other options blueworth being careful.

Blue (heavenly, azure, powdery) will add outfit freshness and lightness. Details of blue, even in a small amount (handbag, shoes, jewelry, belt, scarf) will enliven a set of dark, muted color.

kits with blue or blue


outfits with yellow
kits with yellow and marsh
swamp and yellow

A very bold and very daring combination helps to create yellow. The base in this design charges from yellow and acquires a more fresh, contrasting and expressive “sound”. Try a gray-green pencil skirt, a yellow blouse and brown (beige) sandals – and you will immediately understand what is at stake.


kits with red
combination of marsh with red

Daring and bold, inspiring and alluring, able to decorate and dilute any image – red. Add it to the marsh costume (overalls) in the form of an accessory or shoes and you will emphasize femininity and give the appearance of style and character.


It is appropriate to use both bright (fuchsia, magenta, crimson) and pale variations. pink. True, if you need a more relaxed work outfit, choose pastel things. For example:

  1. For work – “waders” trousers (wide, straight, cropped or skinny), light blouse or shirt and nude shoes;
  2. For rest – a cozy woolen sweater (dusty rose), a knitted skirt and white sneakers.
  3. Green and brown dress, beige pumps and a soft pink sleeveless jacket.
light pink outfits
combination of swamp with pink

A richness and brightness will help you look elegant and elegant at parties, romantic evenings and other social events.

swamp and pink in clothes

Also a rich focus will work well in bows for every day.

To do this, just choose a bright dress or blouse, and over a dark elongated swamp jumper. Having played with some accessories – you can easily complete the bow and become an icon of style at a party.

How to wear

If, in general, to characterize the direction of color in style, it looks good in these images:

  • Casual;
  • Military;
  • Safari;
  • British;
  • Provence;
  • Rock.
marsh in different styles

In turn, it is impossible to imagine a version of a secular outlet in a dress of a similar tone, or in a romantic / glamorous dress. It is not very appropriate to wear a sports suit of this color, however, as well as on the basis of this color to create a vintage or retro style.

In order not to make a bad choice, always lay out the color of the purchased item on the spectral components. For example, a marsh consists of gray, brown and green. So, if you pick up one of these shades in a pair, you definitely cannot go wrong.

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