Asymmetric bob 2019 – for whom it suits

Asymmetric bean can be made in three variations. Most importantly, they all fit both smooth and curly hair. However, if your curls look like tight and naughty little spirals, with ultra-short options you should be more careful. And the best thing is to consult an experienced specialist.

Short asymmetric bean

It can be performed both in a more feminine and in a more hooligan version. However, in any case, the emphasis will be on your neck. Therefore, you should not choose such a haircut if you have a short or dense neck. All the charm of this bean variant is in an oblique elongated strand. This is not quite a bang, namely a strand, but it is perceived in that way. Therefore, this hairstyle is especially suitable for girls with a square face shape, making their features less sharp.

Graduated short bean

Cheeky option. It will definitely allow you to stand out from the crowd. Especially good from with an additional emphasis on juicy hair color or addition in the form of highlighting. Graduation can add volume to the cheekbones, which looks advantageous for girls with a narrow or triangular face. Although this is an example of a very versatile hairstyle.

Asymmetric Medium Bean

The most common option. It is good for beauties with a round or full face, as well as for everyone who does not feel the need for a very short haircut. Average length is an excellent choice for age ladies or girls who have a dress code at work. She also fits those ladies who have thin hair. A short nape gives volume, and a strand to the chin emphasizes individuality.

And finally, an asymmetric extension bean

This option is not quite “for long hair”, but the length of one side can be up to the shoulder, and sometimes lower. The second side can be either very short, or to the chin area. This option is especially noticeable distinguishes the difference in hair length, therefore, most striking. It should be chosen by girls internally ready to be in the spotlight. Interestingly, bean with elongation is sometimes preferred by those who do not want to completely part with the ability to collect ponytails and bunches. This hairstyle goes to all types of faces, but beauties with an oval shape should not overdo it with the length of the accent strand so as not to add unnecessarily elongated face.

Which option to choose an asymmetric bean is up to you. But the fact that with such a hairstyle you will not be left without attention is for sure. 

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