Arabian eye makeup

Eye makeup is a worthwhile direction in female cosmetology. This direction is able to offer a whole range of options to achieve the goal, namely, beautify women’s eyes with a beautiful and irresistible glow. Arabic eye make-up is, without exaggeration, the apogee of make-up art that can transform a person with a fascinating light and oriental beauty of the eyes. Arabian makeup is best suited for brown-eyed and green-eyed women and girls, brunettes and brown-haired women.

Blondes will also be interested to experiment. Who knows, maybe it is your combination of hair color, bright eyes and eastern mystery that will become an irresistible trump card of your charm.

Want to know the secret of beauty, attractiveness and the mysterious power of the beauties of the East? This is not a natural phenomenon. Such an enchanting charm and expressiveness of the eyes is possible only when applying the correct and skillful makeup. The secret of this makeup is hidden in the correct combination of colors of bright shades, accentuated the eyes.

The basic techniques of arabic make-up are bright, beautiful eyes, smooth face, and not distinguished lips. In the Arabic make-up pearly or matte cosmetics is used. Nonetheless, mother-of-pearl prevails, as the love of luxury and brilliance is inherent in the East.

In general, the Arabic style of makeup is a special feeling of worship for the brilliant, radiant and bright. This applies not only make-up, but also clothes and hairstyles. Oh, they are Eastern women. Therefore, the use of sequins and rhinestones on the eyelids, eyelashes and forehead is welcome.

Oriental makeup is no exception to the standard procedure for applying makeup. This is, above all, the imposition of the basis of makeup, – foundation. Smooth, clean and smooth complexion is extremely important. Any spots, unhealthy color of your skin, pimples, Arabic style does not forgive, so oriental makeup will turn into repulsive and vulgar, and will give the opposite effect.

Owners of fair skin are recommended ivory with a velvety effect. The rest of the face makeup should not distract attention, especially men, from your eyes. Therefore, from the rouge, it is better to give up altogether.

So, we have already prepared half of the eye makeup. Now, let’s proceed to applying, directly Arabic makeup on your eyes. It uses two kinds of shadows. Rarely the third, but only barely visible smears. Choosing the shadow, look, so that they are not the same shade. The most extravagant women use rich shades, more modestly look makeup with one bright, and the second neutral color (white, gray or brown). Brown-eyed and black-eyed beauties fit blue, blue, brown, yellow and green tones. Blue eyes are golden, gray, purple and pink shades.

The very idea of ​​”Arab eyes” is that the first shade, combined with black eyeliner, neatly frames your eyes, the second shade is secondary, and helps to shade the background of the first on the upper eyelids near the eyebrows. And sometimes, below the primary color, on the lower eyelids. The inner eyelid is completely painted over, and creates a distinct contrast directly with the eye protein. Hence the expression: “black-eyed beauty.” Although, in life the color of the eyes of Eastern women can be almost anything.

The first ever need to apply a minor, which is the basic basis, color, distributing it to the eyebrows. Next, you need to select the eyes: liner or pencil. A very important role in the Arabic make-up, play arrows. Try to trace the outline of the eyelids, finish the bright rays of the stroke, and go beyond the outer edge of the eye. Alternatively, reverse the shape of the eyes by guiding the stroke inward around the inside corner. After, it is necessary to apply the main shade on the upper mobile eyelid, or to the temple.

If your goal is to dress in the image of an Arab beauty, remember that the charming eye makeup of women of the East is not all. With such eyes, everything must be in harmony with your appearance. Certainly, the presence of long, well-groomed hair, neat manicure, beautifully painted lips and the enchanting sweetish aroma of perfumes will make you a woman, in front of which men will forget their name. And for the control shot in the male amorous heart, fully reincarnated in the Eastern Diva, perform henna patterns on your hands.

It is in the eyes, and in all the other female charms, that the secret of the attractive, seductive beauty of the women of the East lies.

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