All You Need to Know about Plum lipstick

Plum-colored lipstick has lately enjoyed just crazy popularity. Saturated and bright color on the lips looks just great. There are many shades of plum lipstick. Having picked up the shade, it is possible to create rather effective, stylish and harmonious image.

Who is plum lipstick?

In fact, the plum shade of lipstick will suit everyone: both brunettes, and blondes, and young girls, and mature women. The main thing – when creating an image you need to follow a few simple rules:
  1. Using plum lipstick, no need to focus on the eyes.
  2. For everyday makeup, rich plum shades are not suitable, but for the evening look they are what you need.
  3. Best of all plum color lipstick looks with monochrome black, white or beige clothing . You need to experiment with other colors carefully.

The best brand of plum color lipstick

Of course, you can pick up your lipstick only after several experiments. Fortunately, there are a lot of cosmetic products in different price categories, but with good quality, on the shelves. We recommend choosing from the following brands:

  1. Guerlain – this lipstick on lips goes smoothly and lasts quite a long time.
  2. Lipstick Mary Kay look just gorgeous and lips remain even after a meal.
  3. Dark plum lipstick brand L’Oreal is not in the most affordable price range, but to use it – a pleasure.
  4. Good reviews deserved cosmetics brand Neways .
  5. Affordable, but at the same time very high quality lipstick from Rimmel .
  6. You should try the cosmetics brands MAC , Givenchy , Clinique and Estee Lauder .

In the line of each of the above brands, you can find completely different shades of plum lipstick: from light to rich black.

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