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Bikini bikini

All individuals of the fair sex with anticipation are waiting for the opening of the beach season and a trip to the sea. Someone has been preparing for it for months, exhausting themselves with daily workouts, others have been following all sorts of diets for several weeks now to soon appear before others in all their glory.

But all this may be in vain, if you do not take into account a small but significant detail – a swimsuit. He can help a woman to hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity of his figure, and, conversely, can negate all her efforts. In order not to be mistaken in choosing a swimsuit, you should study the advice of professionals on this topic.
Before considering the criteria for choosing a swimsuit, you should pay attention to the range. In addition to the two main types – closed and open – there are many models, each of which fits a certain type of figure and allows a woman to create a unique image.
Among the open swimsuits deserve the most popular:
  • Bikini. This is a separate and most outspoken model for a girl with an ideal figure who does not need to hide her stomach or any other flaws in her figure.
Bikini bikini
  • Bando The upper part of this swimsuit resembles a tape or a bandage and visually enlarges the chest.
Bande bandeau
  • Halter The straps of this swimsuit are tied around the neck.
Halter Halter
  • Tankini The bodice is made in the form of a top, allowing you to hide the folds on the sides or belly.
Tankini tankini
  • Simdress
Closed swimsuits are no less popular and diverse. On the contrary, their convenience and ability to mask the figure flaws (excessive fullness, skin problems, abdomen) led to the emergence of a wide range of models.
Bonded swimsuits are

Skirtini Skirtini
    • mayo;
Mayo swimsuit
    • tank;
Swimsuit Tank
    • plunge;
Plunge plunge
    • high nek;
High neck High neck
    • monokini.
Monokini Monokini
In addition, by analogy with separate swimsuits, closed gangs, halter and symdress are arranged.

Body Features: Tips and Tabs

Having studied the fashion trends in the current season, the convenience and attractiveness of a product, do not forget about the main thing. The liked model of a bathing suit, as well as its color and pattern should be coordinated with the characteristics of the body build. Is he able to hide the emerging belly from prying eyes? Does underscore waist bends? Answers to these and many other questions have long been prepared by experts, assessing the effect of different design elements on the feminine look. Now it is enough to determine the type of your physique to know for sure what should be worn, and what is better to stay away from.

Hourglass or perfect proportions

Girls with such a figure can be congratulated – they will not be difficult to find a swimsuit for the soul. In their case, it is best to look at the separate models, while taking into account the individual features (breast size, skin tone, height). The owners of such a figure are ideally suited for classic monochrome models, while the drawings, on the contrary, can distort the proportions of the body.
Bikini for the type of fury Hourglass
To provide additional support for the chest, you can use the bodice “under the bones”; the “halter” model is also well suited for this. This should avoid swimsuits with shapeless “cups” and thin straps, will not work for girls with a large bust and “gang”.

Body type “pear” or “triangle” (type A)

Selecting a swimsuit to type Pear, you need to find a model that allows you to visually narrow the hips and accentuate the upper body.
Swimsuit options for Pears
Swimwear 2015
    • monophonic and dark bottom of a bathing suit without strings on the side, bright top;
Pear Accent Top
  • high necklines visually lengthen legs, should be avoided closed shorts and swimsuits with skirts. Melting is best to take the classic model of small size.
  • horizontal stripes or decorative decoration will be appropriate on the top of the swimsuit, and vertical stripes on the bottom.
Swimsuit Sets for Pears
If, in addition to a figure-like woman, to fullness, you should pay attention to the closed models of swimsuits, soothing belly. Disguise wide hips helps pareo, tied at the waist at some angle.

Inverted Triangle or Type T

Here everything is exactly the opposite – the “inverted triangle” needs to draw attention to the hips, avoiding excessive brightness in the upper part of the swimsuit.
Swimwear for Inverted Triangle or T Shape

Figure “rectangle” or athletic (type H)

A rectangle (H-type) is characterized by an insufficiently expressed waist.
Variants of the Monokini swimsuit
In this case, the girl needs to resort to some tricks to emphasize the subtle bends:
  • visual increase in the hips and bust (drawings, draperies, ruffles);
  • highlight the waist with special colors, patterns, creating the illusion of a belt;
  • wedge-shaped lateral inserts visually narrow the abdomen;
  • girls with such a constitution in the monokini model will look good, but it is not recommended to wear a gang and a tankini.
Swimwear for Rectangle
Slip swimsuits for the figure Rectangle

Body type “apple”

Narrow shoulders and hips, wide waist – the problem of many girls with this figure, successfully solved modern manufacturers of swimsuits. In these cases, the Tankini model, which consists of classic swimming trunks and a T-shirt with a deep V-neck, is well suited. This bathing suit will hide the belly, emphasize the chest and lengthen the legs.
Swimsuits for the figure Apple

Individual features: several important touches
It is not enough just to classify your body type – there are several more individual body features that need to be considered in order to create a complete perfect image.

Small breasts

Owners of a small bust should not hang up their hands – there are many techniques for visual volume increase.
Kits with push up
Among them are cups with the effect of enlarging and maintaining shape with foam inserts, draping and ruffles, decorative ornaments, vivid designs and special colors (top-down effect of darkening).
Options with push up
Choosing a swimsuit, you should pay attention to the “gang”.
Bright Bando Swimsuits
It is not recommended to choose a model with shapeless cups.
Push Up by Victorias Secret

Pronounced fullness

Appearing belly or folds on the sides can be hidden by picking a swimsuit of matte fabric of dark coloring.
Swimwear for visually reducing volumes
Slimming inserts on the abdomen, bright bright upper part with a deep neckline on a solid swimsuit noticeably transform any figure.
Choice for corpulent ladies
To help visually reduce the belly can swimsuit with classic high-end swimming trunks or in the original retro style. In this case, it is worth forgetting about the bright and vibrant colors, horizontal drawings and decorative ornaments, which are designed to increase the volume.
Swimsuit options for full
Thus, it is impossible not to notice how significant the choice of a suitable swimsuit can be. Any woman, no matter how perfect she seems, always wants to look even better and sleeker, hide a couple of flaws and appear before her family in the best possible way.

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