About the choice of uniforms A good set of uniforms will make you more comfortable at

Uniform selection

There are also a lot of ceremonial norms for business people in uniforms, including the choice of uniforms, the wearing points of uniforms, or the specifications to be followed in uniforms. The main knowledge involved today is how to choose uniforms.
Uniform selection
  First, the choice of uniforms
  To make and choose a set of uniforms for business people, there are many considerations. The basic requirements for the uniforms worn by business people are that the fabrics are better, the colors are less, the styles are more elegant, and the workmanship is fine.
  The first is to choose the material on the fabric. Under normal circumstances, the uniforms to be worn in business situations should be based on the principle of being economical and beautiful, and should give priority to fabrics such as pure wool, cotton, cotton, cotton, wool, wool and polyester.
  However, in some cases, in addition to ordinary fabrics, in order to perform some special work, it is required to give some special functions. For example, in the factory, it is basically a dust-free work clothes, which has various functions. Then, when choosing to make such special-purpose fabrics, it is imperative to be meticulous, keep improving, and strictly control.
Uniform selection
Uniform selection
  Second is the lack of color. For a uniform uniform, you can’t match too much color, so it looks messy. It will destroy the overall image of the unit and will make the customer feel that it is not stable enough. Therefore, in general, the color should be less and not more.
  The third is the style to be elegant. For a uniform, it is not the pursuit of a high sense of art or fashion, it is pursuing an elegant realm. It is necessary to emphasize practicality; it must also take into account the differences with others and highlight the characteristics of the team, but it cannot be unconventional.
Uniform selection
Uniform selection are currently divided into two sets. It consists of a top and a bottom. Due to the different industries, departments and requirements, the specific styles of uniforms are varied. The tops in the uniforms include blazer jackets, shirts, and so on. The bottoms in the uniforms are trousers, skirts, and so on.

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