A shirt with jeans – how to choose and properly wear?

One of the most sought-after combinations to create a stylish bow is a shirt with jeans. Depending on the model you choose, you can look elegant or bold and extravagant, so any woman of fashion will find a suitable option for herself.

Women’s jeans with a shirt 2017

This season, couturiers were pleased with various design solutions when using such a combination as a shirt with jeans. In order for such a top to fit perfectly into the overall image with a denim bottom, the following modeling options are applied:

  • A print in a cage is considered a win-win option, it can be both small and large;
  • another trend decision will be a strip;
  • patch pockets decorate the product and give it a zest;
  • the top can be supplemented with ruffles or frills that will make the bow feminine and romantic;
  • You can create a classic bow if you use such a combination as a white shirt with jeans. A similar combination is allowed even for going to the office;
  • bright saturated colors and prints will help to give freshness;
  • This season is used and such a provocative combination of top and bottom, made of denim. In this case, the choice of items of clothing should be approached very carefully;
  • multilayer and asymmetry is welcomed.
women's jeans with a shirt 2017

Women’s jeans with a shirt 2017

women's jeans shirts
women's jeans with a shirt

How to choose a shirt for jeans?

To make the image look harmonious, it is extremely important to pay attention to the correct selection of wardrobe items. The choice of model is carried out taking into account the features of the female figure, for which it is recommended to take into account such moments:

  • a girl in jeans and a shirt in the dress should not be short in stature, this style will suit tall young ladies;
  • owners of magnificent figures should be excluded fitting wardrobe items;
  • the shirts having the fitted fitting silhouette can be carried both filled, and the dress;
  • the style with cuts on the sides is worn so that the product is on top of the trousers. In the same version, models with a rounded hem will look good;
  • when choosing the top and bottom of the order, a balance must be observed: only one of these items should be voluminous. Tight fitting shirt complements flared trousers, and volume – narrowed.
how to choose a shirt for jeans
girl in jeans and shirt

Do I need to dress my shirt in jeans?

One of the most pressing issues in the selection of such a set of clothes is how to tuck a shirt in a jeans girl? To look stylish and elegant, tucked shirt or leaving her dress, you must adhere to these rules:

  • the volume upper part will harmoniously complement the narrow trousers with high rise;
  • Looks great dressed over a long wide shirt with skinny jeans or a classic fit;
  • flared trousers should be worn with a fitted, fitted top tucked inside.
Do I need to dress a shirt in jeans
how to tuck a shirt in jeans girl

How to wear a shirt with jeans girl?

There are several options for wearing a shirt under jeans. It all depends on the product models, features of the figure of a particular young lady. When selecting items of clothing take into account such moments, which help to solve the problem of how to wear a shirt with jeans:

  1. The choice of colors – stylists believe that it has long been not fashionable to select products to match the tone. They should differ in shades if they are made in a similar color range. Incredibly stylish things look, creating a contrast with each other, for example, it can be red and white.
  2. To create an elegant bow use clothes of classic style, boyfriends will be in perfect harmony with a sports shirt.
how to wear a shirt with jeans girl
shirt under jeans

Denim shirt with jeans

One of the most popular ways to wear socks will wear women’s shirts under jeans. In such a variation it will be especially successful to use such shirts:

  • containing a caged print and having a male cut. The exception is the “cowboy” image, when the upper part can be refilled;
  • long, especially with asymmetric length;
  • a shirt with jeans on the sides;
  • having rounded edges at the bottom.
denim shirt with jeans

Long shirt with jeans

Comfortable and fashionable ensembles can be created if you use women’s jeans with a shirt that has an elongated cut. The characteristic features of this combination are:

  • at the bottom of the shirt may be flat or asymmetric: shorter front and longer bottom;
  • the length can be above the knees, reach them or even be lower, in any case, a shirt with jeans will give an extremely stylish look;
  • The ideal option for combining would be skinny, and a baggy style “Baggy style” and low waist is also possible.
long shirt with jeans

Jeans with a denim shirt

An incredibly winning ensemble is a shirt tucked into jeans or dressed in a denim jacket. In this case, any shades of clothing are appropriate, for example, such variations:

  • light blue tint top and bottom black or dark blue;
  • black top and white bottom;
  • the top is red in combination with a rich blue bottom.

Such a shirt is a practical thing to wear, it has a refined and original look, it will serve faithfully for many years. It goes well with her cardigans, sweaters and pullovers, you can choose a tweed jacket in a small cell. This image will have a very good place in the fall or early spring. To get a harmonious image, you should consider every detail: the shape and length of the product, sleeves, type of collar, model of trousers.

jeans with denim shirt

Ripped jeans with shirt

With torn pants models, you can create many combination options, including the following:

  • a grunge image, if you put a plaid shirt over a white T-shirt;
  • For casual bows, it is recommended to choose ripped jeans and a shirt that is one tone darker than the trousers. Look great with a black shirt and jeans;
  • going to a party, it is better to give preference to bright models, with prints;
  • as for accessories, a leather belt and sneakers with white soles will complement perfectly the image.
ripped jeans with a shirt

Shirt with jeans – a female image

If you choose such wardrobe items as jeans and a shirt, the images for the girl can be created in numerous variations:

  • strict straight or fitted models allow you to create a concise and perfect image, suitable for the office;
  • casual or casual smart women’s shirt, too, there is a place. Its main advantages are convenience, practicality, wide variety;
  • a product containing a checkered print will help create an original and somewhat extravagant bow in country style;
  • the use of bright colors and prints will make the product indispensable for parties.
shirt with jeans
jeans and shirt images for a girl

Jeans sneakers and shirt

One of the most successful combinations presented on fashion runways is a shirt, jeans and sneakers. When creating a spectacular bow, you can follow these recommendations:

  • shoes can choose any color, with the best looking shirt with skinny jeans;
  • girls to create casual casual bows are better to wear the top of the sporty cut and torn boyfriends;
  • you can dress the shirt or choose a model with rounded edges and wear a jacket;
  • an ideal product would be a simple concise cut that resembles a male, or elongated, asymmetrical cuts are also possible.
jeans sneakers and shirt

Jeans shirt and heels

After adding the image of heels, in this form you can appear at a party, a date or in the office. Such combination options are possible:

  • You can create a stylish evening bow, especially if you choose a bright clutch bag as an accessory. The upper part is to choose a white or a thin strip, and trousers are straight, blue;
  • another onion – skinny, stiletto shoes, simple and monophonic top;
  • classical trousers are well combined with any models of shirts, therefore such an outfit is appropriate in almost any situation;
  • If you wish, you can make a multi-layered bow of blue trousers, white jersey and an unbuttoned shirt with geometric patterns that can be tied in a knot, which is especially important on hot days;
  • short-sleeved shirt and jeans are great for the summer season;
  • It is worth experimenting with accessories. For example, if you wear pumps and tight denim trousers, suspenders are great for a monochromatic or striped shirt. Such an image is both bold and sexy at the same time.
jeans shirt and heels

Shirt jeans and boots

Ready-made outfit for the fall and even winter can be successfully supplemented with boots. Such an ensemble has practicality and style. Such variations of wardrobe items are welcome:

  • it is better to pick up tight pants to fill them in boots;
  • the shirt can be, both in a red large cell, and monophonic. From above you can wear a double-breasted jacket or vest;
  • effective office bows will create jeans and a women’s white shirt;
  • boots can be brown or black, above or below the knee.
  • cowboy boots It also combines perfectly with such an ensemble, but half boots, especially with the top part of the dress and black straight trousers, will do.
shirt jeans and boots

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