A must have Coral Footwear for Ladies

Going on vacation, mentally make a list of what is important not to forget to take with you to the sea. The top of the most necessary things are shoes, popularly known as coral. With the help of such akvashuz almost disappears the probability of injuring the foot on the seabed.

What are coral slippers?

In shape, they very much resemble moccasins. They look like ordinary shoes with thick rubber soles with a textile coating. But this is the “highlight” Coral. Fabric possesses water-repellent properties. This suggests that in minutes from wet it will turn into dry. It is made from neoprene . First of all, it is important to note that wetsuits, equipment for rafting, surfing and others are made from it. The main advantages of this fabric material are durability, environmental friendliness, wear resistance, as well as resistance to the formation of various bacteria.

The most interesting is that neoprene is quite light. This suggests that even a child will not feel heavy in the legs from wearing koralok.

It would not be superfluous to mention that they are equipped with a grooved sole. And for the reason that aqua shoes are worn for immersion in water, then you can not worry that it will slip. This does not happen due to the special shape of the rubber sole.

No less popular are corals made entirely of silicone or rubber. Over the entire surface, they have small holes designed to drain water. It uses durable materials that do not allow shoes to break through, bumping into coral reefs.

Coral – why do you need shoes for the sea?

It is not necessary to acquire such shoes only if a trip to Egypt or any other country is planned, in the sea depths of which corals grow. This shoe, first of all, protects the feet from the fungus. Moreover, supporters of koralok argue that such a shoe accessory is ideal not only for the sea, but also for outdoor recreation.

Popular brands

Apart from the fact that the world-famous Adidas is engaged in the manufacture of koraloc shoes, the following brands enjoy the same popularity: Freds Swim Academy, Cressi, Arena, Joss.

If on arrival to rest the corals stay at home, then usually these shoes can be purchased in beach shops, in sports, in the department for diving.

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