7 signs of insecure people

People ,  who does not believe ,  are constantly in need in one way or another confirmation of love and respect for them . Often in relationships and interactions they see a catch ,  intent ,  hidden mockery . Diffident man is often difficult to understand ,  whether it recognizes the dignity or being drawn into the manipulation . Although he himself is very often a provocateur and manipulator . Eternal need to prove to myself ,  that him well are incredibly exhausting ,  it spoils the character , but it does not bring the desired result until the insecure person believes in himself and his own virtues !

Of course, self-doubt is different . Who – chooses a passive position and strive to hide “under the plinth” ,  not to participate in the lessons of life and let it go . Someone – it goes ahead ,  is actively trying to “take her” out of life . Active insecure people harm not only themselves ,  but also others and especially close ones .

How to recognize at first glance an insecure person with an active lifestyle ? How not to become his eternal emotional and energy donor ,  how not to spend time on manipulations ,  pressure and other destructive strategies of insecure people ? And how to help such people ?

1.  A person with low self-esteem will require you to confirm the constant ,  that he is the best, or vice versa consent ,  that he did not know how or is not worth . Caution ,  this is a veiled need to assert itself at your expense .

2.  diffident man often provokes conflicts or situations ,  in which people are forced to apologize and make excuses ,  to restore the good relations and to get rid of imposed guilt . In such situations, it is explosive to be near ,  try to find an opportunity to leave and not be present .

3.  People with low self-esteem often see negative aspects and nuances in everything . Such people are always willing to find throughout the “drop of a fly in the ointment” ,  and others have to expend energy on it ,  that would be to listen to ,  what all the nerds and all badly done ,  and then another, and convince ,  that’s not so bad . Or a long time to accept the fact ,  that everything is really awful and only he  –  the best and only guarantee of stability . Be careful ,  keep a calm neutral position . You do not have to process other people’s emotions . 

4.  Insecure people often unreliable in relationships and interactions ,  since making your loyalty ,  they begin to look for other ,  who is also willing to acknowledge them their irresistible and greatest value . Be prepared for possible cheating and a sudden loss of interest in you .

5.  People with a nervous ,  self-critical character often seek for years their ideal in work ,  relationships ,  hobbies and so on . They broadcast their dissatisfaction is all ,  that surrounds them . Be prepared to cavils ,  the eternal search for something – something to be desired .

6.   Inside a querulous man lives empty . In fact ,  he has no interests absorbing his attention . In addition to the constant thought about ,  that he was “not up” to its own ideals and fear ,  that everyone will know about it . Therefore, he will surely try to fill the void within himself with the help of a lover ,  drawing out new and new declarations of love ,  admiration ,  gifts ,  promises to be always together . In the end, it will draw strength from you , after all, it is impossible for a person to be everything — a friend , a  partner, and a “vest” .

7.  Insecure people have internal instability ,  which means that in  order to maintain pseudo-equilibrium ,  they often enter into various destructive roles and types of relationships . If you have already caught your uncertain playing the victim ,  perhaps ,  you should read about this in psychology .

Encountering such a difficult person ,  objectively evaluate ,  whether you accept it in such a difficult quality or proposed fall into destructive ,  or even fight with it ,  trying to impose their own point of view .

If you value the person ,  who has low self-esteem ,  but great ambitions and want to help him – start learning the basics of psychology for building harmonious relations or interactions . Of course ,  we can only change ourselves ,  our thoughts ,  emotions ,  actions ,  but changing ourselves and our attitude to situations ,  to people and life’s lessons – we are changing the whole world . We are able to build a harmonious relationship and contribute to the harmonization of the internal world ,  as some ,  and others .

Julia Sinyutina ,  causal psychologist .

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