6 simple rules for summer nail health

  1. On vacation at sea, you must definitely come with bare nails so that they can absorb the beneficial minerals from sea water.

Minerals and sea water, of course, have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole, but nails covered with gel polish are also protected from the negative effects of the sun. I want to note that the effect of beneficial minerals does not differ in the case of coated and not coated nails, since nutrition occurs in the sprout zone of the nail, free of coating.In hot weather, nail polish should be stored in the refrigerator, then it will retain its properties longer.

2. Nail polish should be stored at room temperature even in the summer heat. But sharp temperature changes during storage, on the contrary, are undesirable 3. In order not to pick up the fungus in the pool, you need to cover your toenails with gel or even acrylic – so they will be under reliable protection.

First of all, it is worth saying that in the pool that you visit, all sanitary norms and rules must be observed. When choosing a pool, do not hesitate to ask questions about the disinfection of the administration of the sports facility. Coating nails with gel or acrylic will not be able to 100% protect you from infections, as the side rollers and feet are at risk of infection. 4.Coatings with UV protection are useless, because ultraviolet is not at all dangerous for nails.

An ultraviolet filter plays an important role in protecting the client’s nails from yellowing and tarnishing. In addition, it really has a powerful protective function 5. In summer, nails grow faster, so it is better to cut them as short as possible – “under the root”.

The absolute myth! Nail growth does not depend on the season! It is influenced by other factors, for example, the state of health of the body.  In summer, the cuticle is already well hydrated, so there is no need to apply oils or creams to it.

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