5 mistakes in choosing tights that make the whole image tasteless and cheap

5 mistakes in choosing tights that make the whole image tasteless and cheap

An indispensable item in the wardrobe of any woman is tights. Particular attention should be paid to their correct choice, since mistakes make the whole image cheap and tasteless, and sometimes just vulgar.

Tights do not match your look.

When choosing tights, one should take into account not only weather data, but also the style of your clothes. The following rules will help you avoid possible mistakes and make the right choice:

  • thick thick tights should be worn with warm clothes and more massive shoes;
  • putting on clothes made of thin fabrics, choose tights with a density of not more than 40 DEN;
  • tight black tights are suitable for a business style, not for a festive event;
  • light clothing should not be combined with dark, and especially black, tights;
  • graphite-colored tights are well suited to clothes of any color

You should be very careful about the choice of tights and in those cases when you plan to wear open shoes. In order not to spoil your image, follow simple rules:

  • shoes must have a heel;
  • tights should not have a tight toe and / or heel, a noticeable seam in the fingers;
  • with sandals should not wear transparent tights, especially flesh-colored.

Incorrect shade of body tights

Body tights, as a rule, are used in a business style, as often in many organizations a strict dress code is set. To make them look harmonious, you need to choose the right shade. If a girl has fair skin, but she puts on body tights of a dark shade, it will look ridiculous. The same applies to dark-skinned girls who prefer a light shade of products. To choose the right shade, you need to pull the fabric of the product on your hand and see how well it blends with the color of the skin.

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When wearing flesh-colored tights, the color of the shoe is of great importance. With dark boots or shoes, flesh-colored tights are poorly combined. They look much prettier with light over boots or ankle boots.

Padded toe tights paired with open toe shoes

The combination of open shoes with tights depends on the shoes and tights. Wearing shoes with tights is allowed if one or two toes are open. If all your fingers are open, such shoes should be worn without kapron products, since this combination does not look aesthetically pleasing and uncomfortable. At the same time, many fashion designers believe that wearing pantyhose and open shoes is acceptable. The main thing is to follow some rules:

  • tights should be with a density of not more than 20 DEN;
  • on tights there should be no dense sock and a pronounced seam on the fingers;
  • the color of tights and shoes should be combined.

Bright tights with a pattern in a strict business image

Some women like “fantasy” tights. Before putting them on, it is important to consider that they are combined exclusively with plain clothes. Also, this element of the wardrobe is not worn with miniskirts, revealing dresses, open or massive shoes.

Tights in bright colors or with patterns are absolutely not acceptable in the business style of clothing, since such a combination looks defiant and vulgar. Therefore, for the office, choose plain dark or flesh tights, and leave the products of “fantasy” colors for parties and discos.

Full Leg Pantyhose

Pantyhose stockings for several seasons do not go out of fashion. They are beautiful, stylish and go well with miniskirts. However, such products are absolutely not suitable for women with full legs. The fact is that any decorative elements located in the problem area attract additional attention to it. As a result, the legs visually begin to be perceived even thicker and more massive than they actually are.

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