4 ideas from a stylist of what to wear with a chiffon dress

4 ideas from a stylist of what to wear with a chiffon dress

Chiffon dresses do not lose their relevance from year to year. Styles may be slightly modified or some trendy elements added, but their light flowing fabric and romantic silhouette always remain. And if a few years ago such a dress could be presented exclusively in feminine images, now the situation has changed.

Modern fashion gives us the opportunity to experiment and create more daring, daring looks with chiffon dresses. That is why they have taken a firm place in the wardrobes of fashionistas. The most relevant lengths are now mini and midi. Chiffon midi dresses are a more versatile option. You can wear such a dress in different seasons. Also, with its help, due to the length, you can hide the nuances of the legs.

Further in the article, we will take a closer look at what you can wear with a chiffon dress in order to look relevant and stylish.

No. 1 – set for the summer with a white chiffon dress

So, the first image that I want to offer you, you can wear very soon, you just have to wait for the warm weather. This set is perfect for summer 2020, perfect for long walks.

Summer set with white chiffon dress

So, we will take a white short chiffon dress with beautiful lilac flowers as the basis of the image. Pay attention to the sleeves, now this volume is in trend. Also, this dress is made more interesting by small buttons in the front, located along the entire length.

As a shoe, I suggest adding white classic sneakers to this dress. You can also wear such a chiffon dress in summer with sneakers with a voluminous sole, sandals with a small heel or without it at all. Let’s complement the image with a small baguette bag in gray-blue color.

Let’s not forget about accessories. Thin metal sunglasses and yellow metal jewelery complete the set.

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No. 2 – set for autumn with a bright red chiffon dress

Is a chiffon dress worn in the fall or winter? Then there will be three looks with midi-length dresses, on the example of which I will show you how this can be done.

Autumn set with a bright red chiffon dress

So let’s look at the look for fall. With the onset of this time of year, everyone often begins to wear something dark, unmarked. We are in favor of using light and bright colors regardless of the season. In addition, it will allow you to stand out and create a good mood for yourself and those around you.

We will take as a basis a red chiffon dress with a slightly pleated skirt and a small bow at the neck. I advise you to close such elastic bands at the waist with a belt. This is what we will do. Add a wide leather belt with a large square buckle to the waist. You can also add a vest to such a dress, knitted or knitted, not too thick and voluminous.

White high boots with wide heels are suitable as shoes. Above, we will put on a basic robe coat in a classic beige color. Let’s supplement the resulting set with a caramel-colored leather bag with weaving. Such, as it were, blown weaving is now very important, including on shoes.

Large earrings of interesting shape put the last accent in this outfit.

No. 3 – a set for spring with a chiffon shirt dress

Next, I will show you an option on how you can wear a chiffon dress in spring. At this time, you usually want either something gentle, pastel, or, conversely, bright or contrasting.

Spring set with a chiffon shirt dress

We offer you the second option. And we will take a black long chiffon dress as its basis. This model looks like a classic shirt dress. But look at how beautiful the trim looks on the sleeves and the front along the entire length of the dress. Here I suggest wearing a wide black leather belt with an accent gold metal buckle. As an outerwear, a coat-robe of a beautiful rather rich olive color is suitable here.

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Choose bright shoes for the set. Orange high-heeled ankle boots are perfect here and will go very harmoniously with the color of the coat.

Complement the look with a leather beige bag and geometric hoop earrings.

No. 4 – even in winter you can wear a chiffon dress, the main thing is to know with what

And finally, the final image for today. It will be a very cozy, stylish set that will dispel your doubts about the use of such dresses in winter.

Chiffon dress in winter

We will take as a basis a floral chiffon dress made in black and white. We will put on a cozy voluminous milk sweater on top. You can add a black leather belt or you can leave it that way. Both options will look equally good.

As shoes, I suggest wearing black leather Cossacks, with such dresses they look very interesting. On top we put on an artificial fur coat of a pleasant cold beige color. Don’t forget, faux fur is all the rage right now.

We complement the resulting outfit with a leather red rectangular bag with black leather contrasting trim. A chunky necklace and hoop earrings complete the look.

All three looks in the photo are shown with long outerwear. But perhaps you want to wear a chiffon dress with a cropped model of outerwear, so we will also tell you about which jacket the dress will go well with. So, it can be a leather biker jacket of the current silhouette or a denim jacket. You can also wear a dress with a jacket.

As for what shoes to wear a chiffon dress with, there may be various options. We have already considered some of them in the article. In addition, you can wear pumps with a chiffon dress for more feminine looks, chelsea boots, leather rough boots with thick soles. It is important to understand here that often in the case of a chiffon dress, it is the shoes that set the tone for the whole look.

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