What are the common misunderstandings of men's skin care? Abandon your straight male

Skin care

For skin care, girls always have a say, from cleaning to hydrating to whitening to fine pores, etc. Each step can tell the theory of a basket, and can also plant a variety of skin care products. However, if you ask a man's skin care problem, more than 80% of the boys will have a big hand: I am a big man who cares about the skin, she is angry! It can be said that it is quite straight male thinking. In fact, men need skin care more, and many men have a lot of misunderstandings about skin care. Let's take a look.

  First of all, it is considered that men's skin care is not necessarily one of the biggest misunderstandings. It is said that letting youth stay for a long time is a woman's business, but it is not known to men because the stratum corneum is thicker and has no maintenance consciousness for a long time. Plus metabolism is faster than girls, skin aging is faster than women. In comparison, male skin care is more Need to pay attention.
  Secondly, it is another misunderstanding to think that men's skin care is simply using a facial cleanser and then painting a big treasure. Many boys said that skin care is a facial cleanser. I am still using Dabao. I said that the head is still feeling that I have done a good job. Skin care is not a simple face wash and cream, but to clean the hydration step by step.
Skin care
Skin care
  Furthermore, ignoring the mask and sunscreen is also a misunderstanding of men's skin care. Many people think that masking and sunscreen are women's patents. A big man always wears a mask and applies sunscreen. How can it be unacceptable? In fact, men face the computer every day, work pressure is high, and skin pressure also comes along. Good sunscreen and moisturizing mask can soothe the skin.
Skin care
Skin care
  Skin care does not distinguish between men and women, and their faces don't care for themselves. Aging will not tell you that it is coming that day. Learn about the misunderstandings of these men's skin care and be nice to your skin!

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