2019 Flower print dress and jump suit

In modern ways, wealth and diversity are the most enjoyable. There is no uniform style and there are no clear rules and strict rules as before. Some people prefer minimalism, simplicity, and poverty, and others like elegant, beautiful, and fascinating costumes. If you want a perfect fitting dress, take a look at the Florence brand Chiara Boni’s collection.

The new spring-summer collection, 2019, is made up mainly of bright floral dresses. In addition to the dress, Chiara Bonnie offers a very elegant outfit. Everything combines the practicality of modernity with the traditional female aesthetics of fashion at the same time. The skirt and floral Basque make the collection very valuable.

Kiara's Spring-Summer 2019
In addition to the eternal floral prints of the collection, you can see current fashion trends in particular. For example, asymmetry, deep cutting and cutting on skirts, abnormal sleeves, patchwork or patchwork effect , open shoulders. The entire collection of Chiara Bonnie looks stylish, relevant, beautiful and luxurious.
Spring and summer flowering dress and pants 2019

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