2018-2019 Bride’s Wedding Manicure: Luxurious Nail Designs

Every day, whether you are at work, with your family or friends, on vacation or a business meeting, the flawlessness of your appearance always plays an important role, as well as grooming and beauty of your hands.

But there are moments in life when every look, movement and element of your bow do not go unnoticed. And one of these days is the wedding day, when the appearance of the bride is in the focus of attention, riveting interested views.

Trendy wedding manicure in a new-fashioned design is an indispensable and integral part of the perfect image of the bride, allowing you to feel like a true queen in one of the most important days in your life.

And if many of the preparations are already thought out for the image of the bride, then by all means visit your manicurist to prepare the pens and create the best wedding nail design.

And for photo-examples of the manicure of the bride in the season 2018-2019 of the year, we will find a lot of top solutions for wedding nail design in different directions and styles, allowing you to perform not only beautiful, but also an unusual wedding manicure 2018-2019.

What trends of wedding nail design are waiting for you in the 2018-2019 season of the year, and what we have prepared for you by a professional master as an ultrafashionable and trendy manicure for the bride, we will tell you right now.

One of the main motives in the new-fashioned manicure of the bride is worth noting the trend of color manicure and brighter and more saturated colors in the wedding nail design 2018-2019 compared to previous ones.

And if before that, a colorful and bright wedding manicure was considered something extraordinary, now you can safely perform the trendy wedding nail design of the bride with intense tones of lacquer, such as in the color of wedding decorations, cakes or wedding colors.

As before, the trendy remain gentle and romantic notes of wedding manicure 2018-2019, which will add to the look of the bride notes of sophistication and grace.

Demonstrated top examples of wedding nail decoration in the nail techniques of the French, gradient, manicure of the bride with holes. The traditional remains lace and modeling in the wedding design of nails.

Among the 2018-2019 mega-fashioned wedding nail design, you can highlight the amazing manicure of the bride with rhinestones and pixie crystal chips, which allows you to amazingly cover the entire nail with a beautiful scattering of pebbles.

They can also add the most delicate nails for the bride, covered with a pearl rub, decor with foil, as well as romantic flower nail art for the unsurpassed wedding manicure of the bride 2018-2019 of the year.

As you can see, there are plenty of variations and solutions for the performance of the mega-fashionable manicure of the bride in the season 2018-2019, which will allow every beautiful woman to find her perfect wedding nail design.

See 10-the best manicure ideas for the bride: mega-fashioned wedding manicure with the photo shown below …

Wedding Ombre

The softness of the gradient color transition cannot be overestimated, especially if it is made with pastel and nude palettes – an unsurpassed wedding manicure 2018-2019. Add to it laces, pebbles, pearls, a bit of glitter and foil and the new-fashioned ombre wedding manicure will “play” in a new light.

Wedding nail design with modeling

On the wedding day, the image of the bride will become the center of universal attention and interest, and every detail will require special attention, especially manicure. Wedding nail design should be amazing and stunning and it is not about convenience and practicality.

Therefore, mega-coiled ideas of nail design for the bride in the style of three-dimensional compositions and acrylic sculpting on nails are welcomed. Gorgeous flowers in the technique of modeling on one finger is best decorated wedding manicure 2018-2019.

Wedding Nail Art: Flowers

Romanticism of any image is enhanced if you use floral motifs, what can we say about a wedding manicure. Look at the newfangled manicure with flowers for the bride that will be amazing. To perform wedding nail art with flowers is important in very gentle and powdery tones, creating a chic wedding design.

Manicure bride with rhinestones

Rhinestones in the wedding design of nails are always welcome and should be moderated in order not to over-burden the bridal grip. You can use a couple of rhinestones and lay them out with an arc on one of the fingers, cover the hole with pebbles, perform “crowns” of rhinestones on the bride’s nails, strips of rhinestones, etc. Each of the options will perfectly complete any wedding nail design with rhinestones in the 2018-2019 season .

Wedding Nail Design with Holes

Unpretentious, calm and moderate nail design with holes is widely used in wedding manicure, being trendy and for the season 2018-2019 of the year. Use shades of white and pale pink or blue lacquer to highlight the hole with a transparent strip contour for the moon. Be sure to supplement the bride’s moon manicure with rhinestones or with foil, glitter or other decor.

Wedding manicure in nude style

One of the most delicate manicures for bride sets is considered to be nude-style nail design. Matte or glossy nude manicure gives refinement and tenderness to the handles of the bride, without creating a special accent on them. Sophisticated wedding nudovkimi will give a twig in a minimalist style, pearly rubbed, foil or pebbles.

Wedding manicure with foil

Quite a bold decision in the design of a wedding manicure can be foil in translated form or strips of foil. Wedding nail design with foil will be memorable and immaculate, unlike any other type of manicure that will be remembered. For wedding wedding design 2018-2019 with foil, apply white and nude lacquer, transparency in the “negative space” style and transfer foil.

Openwork wedding nail design

Lace design has always been an attractive solution in nail design, which gives elegance and excellence to every nail design – french, matte, with rubbing, holes, etc. Depending on the wishes of the future bride, a trendy lace manicure can be calmer, more restrained, or intriguing and memorable.

Bride nail design with pixie crystals

The chicness of the new-fashioned nail design with pixie crystals could not help but reflect on the fashionable updates of the wedding manicure 2018-2019. The fingers covered with a crystal crumb will become excellent idea in a decor of nails for wedding manicure. It is possible to perform such a wonderful manicure with pixie crystals and with a jacket, gradient, and any other style of wedding nail design.

Color wedding manicure bride

A wedding manicure in an intense shade – pink, blue, lilac, turquoise, violet, blue, peach, red can be presented as a megatrend and so exciting for every bride. Depending on the color of the wedding decorations, the bride’s bouquet, as well as the main color of the wedding, it is worth choosing the color of a bright wedding manicure. This trend of wedding manicure bride 2018-2019 looks great!

Inspirational types of wedding nail design 2018-2019: trendy wedding manicure in the photo

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