Chris Brown's baby mama claims their daughter isnt safe around his friends

Chris Brown who had his house robbed early Wednesday morning is not getting a break. This time, his baby mama is worried Royalty's in danger when she's with Chris and his friends.

Sources close to Nia Guzman say she thinks many of Chris' friends are gang members or gang-affiliated, and the robbery shows they've now turned on Chris.

It's reported that  she's not cool with Royalty being around that element. She thinks his friends are riff raff.
Chris' mother also thinks last night's hit was an inside job. It's bad timing for Chris. He just filed documents asking a judge to hammer out a formal custody agreement  partly because he says Nia's been denying him visits with Royalty.

“Nia thinks Chris is crazy for saying she’s money hungry.She doesn’t want this to turn into that Mel Gibson movie Ransom, where Chris’ friend kidnaps Royalty for money. Chris first had his house broken into by a mad woman now this robbery.

If the court sees things Nia's way it could affect custody.