21yr old Nigerian man crashed his Lamborghini and Bentley worth £450,000, and said ‘life goes on’

I found this story on MailOnline, who knows this guy? His name is Elijah Oyefeso and he made international news after crashing his gold Lamborghini and Bentley Continental both worth about 450,000 pounds and laughed off the crash saying: ‘Life goes on’. Read full story below…
Police found the two stricken supercars after they were involved in a smash outside a Morrisons supermarket in Grays, Essex, in the early hours of Sunday morning.
Elijah Oyefeso, who says he owns both the Lamborghini and the Bentley, has told MailOnline he ‘just started laughing’ after the accident and is confident his insurance will cover the cost of repairs.

Mr Oyefoso, who has boasted of earning £26,000-a-month after setting himself up as a stock trader, had the car painted in metallic gold just seven weeks ago.
The 21-year-old, who also owns a Mercedes C-Class, said he let his friend drive the Bentley before the accident.
He said: ‘I don’t know at what point the crash happened. It was just the next thing I know he’s gone into the back of me.’ 

‘I don’t remember what happened. Afterwards I just started laughing. Life goes on, you know.’
Mr Oyefoso, who suffered minor injuries in the accident, refused to say whether the pair were racing and said his insurance will cover the damage. He said his friend, who he would not name, was arrested by police.
The former University of Buckingham student says he dropped out of a Business Management Course to concentrate on trading stocks, using his student loan to set himself up.

Mr Oyefoso has posted pictures of his cars on instagram, along with photos of wads of dollar bills

A picture Mr Oyefoso took of his two cars before the accident in the early hours of Sunday morning

Source: UK Daily Mail