10 life hacks to look younger

Modern trends in the field of beauty and youth have stepped far forward and allow nature to be fooled for a while. Many women resort to beauty injections and plastic surgeries, but not everyone can afford it and alas, not everyone is happy with the result. Here’s how lucky.

Today we’ll talk about more affordable and gentle ways to rejuvenate. Proper clothing, hairstyle, makeup, can create a “wow effect” no less and without consequences.


We use straight lines in clothes

No matter how it sounds surprising, but any smooth lines give even more roundness to the face, chin lines, forgive the image. Direct add geometry, clarity.

We exclude large floral prints that will automatically be wrapped around 5-7 years. Small floral ones, on the contrary, will look neutral and fit into the image appropriately. You can also choose concise shades without prints.

We exclude shapeless things, hoodies that blur the silhouette

Laconic styles are semi-adjacent, without active details will give harmony and clarity to the image. For owners of curvaceous forms, it is recommended to use vertical accents in clothes: diagonal in prints, monochrome in the image, the upper layer in a contrasting color (coat, blazer, cardigan), visually stretching silhouette.

We add audacity with the help of elements of sports style, rock, avant-garde. Sweatshirts, jackets, interesting styles with geometric elements will give freshness to the image. A vivid example of such a change in image is Celine Dion.

Exclude active shuttlecocks, ruffles, ruffles

The actual styles of the romantic style are certainly not without these elements, but at the same time they have slightly changed. A great example of modern femininity is Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sasex.

Add things light, white shades. They always decorate and give freshness. Objection: “This is not practically not accepted.”

Choosing modern shoes

After all, as the secretary Verochka said from her beloved film: “It is shoes that make a woman a woman.” Shoes with a rounded toe, ballet shoes, boots, boots will forgive the image. Models with a pointed nose tending to it square will make it modern and stylish. For the most daring, models with an unusual shape of the heel are suitable.

We remove the “beads” and the beautiful “grandmother’s earrings” in the casket

They are beautiful, but alas they are not refreshing. Add modern, elegant jewelry (good quality jewelry, gold, silver): multi-level chains, necklace chains, geometric shapes.

Making modern haircuts

Short haircuts, “a la youth, cascading, active filing are outdated and will not give freshness.” In haircuts and hairstyles, a dense cut, asymmetry is now relevant.

We learn to be light and not “conduct public work with special zeal, preferably with a share of light doom”. Easy self-irony is always in fashion and damn attractive.

Author –  Natalya Malysheva stylist

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