10 color combinations for winter wardrobe

In winter, when the sky is gray and there is little sun, I really want to bring some bright colors into my life. And here a wardrobe can help. The main thing is to combine colors correctly in order not to look like a big ridiculous spot on the street.


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Gray has long ceased to be boring and firmly entered the trends of recent seasons. If you add bright color accents to it, you can get a fresh, modern look. Complement the coat with accessories in black, white, green or wine color.


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Lilac – a very unusual and mysterious color. They can dilute the basic black and gray wardrobe or combine it with bright colors to create an original image. Lilac combines beautifully with denim of cool shades, beige, green, red and shades of purple.


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Rich green is one of the basic colors. The main thing – to choose the right shade. To create a casual, casual look, add black, navy, white or beige to the green.


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A color that fits perfectly into a casual winter look. Mustard coat or down jacket may well be one of the basic things wardrobe. It is combined with classic black, gray, white and blue tones. It looks interesting combination of mustard with a rich purple, green, wine or beetroot.


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Fans of red in the winter just will not go unnoticed. Especially since the Institute of Color Pantone called red the color of winter 2018 – 2019. Want to stand out from the crowd? Buy a red coat or down jacket. Complete the set with black tights and gloves. Or combine a red coat, black pants and a white scarf.

The black

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Universal black is perfectly combined with a variety of other colors: red, white, gray, blue, etc. The combination of black and pink or black and green will look winning in the winter.


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Powder color goes well with bright green, white, blue and rich pink. To create a casual look, pay attention to muted blue or gray.


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Yellow color is a good tool to dilute gray winter days. Combination of yellow with black, khaki, gray, blue and beige look great. If you are afraid that yellow will give your face a painful look, then pick up bright accessories for your everyday look: a bag, a scarf, shoes or tights.

Shades of beige

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Beige is an eternal classic and must have for all times. The main thing – to choose your shade of beige. Combine it with accessories in brown tones, dark trousers, blue jeans or a pair of lighter clothes.


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The blue color in clothes is also basic. But he, unlike black, is not so contrasting. A win-win combination of white, gray, purple, red or khaki. The combination of blue and green looks great in outerwear.


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If you do not like bright colors in clothes, but you want to make an accent in your image, then take a closer look at the rich purple or blueberry color. In order to not necessarily buy a coat or down jacket. Complete your look with a purple accessory. This may be gloves, a scarf, a bag or fashionable tights this season.

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