10 basic summer things that must be in the wardrobe

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It’s no secret that Basic things form the basis of our wardrobe. They can be perfectly combined with each other, for a long time do not lose their relevance and are the main assistants in the preparation of a stylish image.

Also, let’s not forget that everyone has their own basic wardrobe. It depends on the lifestyle, type of activity, on your life goals and objectives.

But still there are universal things that will suit every beauty: from businesswoman to mom on maternity leave. They are striking in their simplicity and versatility at the same time. Such basic things will be especially relevant in the summer. This is just the time of year when there is no desire to make complex sets to think about how to beat some blouse with a bright print, but you want to look simple and not forced and at the same time stylish.

Can there be such things in a summer wardrobe? Of course have. Let’s discuss what things in our wardrobe are simply necessary in the hot season to look stylish and modern.


Plain classic t-shirts will be indispensable in any wardrobe. In summer they can be worn with midi skirts, moms jeans, light shorts or even worn under a combination dress. There are a lot of options. The most important thing is to choose the right t-shirt that can serve you more than one season. To do this, we choose a T-shirt made of 100% cotton, not tight, but slightly loose, so the body can breathe in especially hot weather. Basic T-shirt, this is a classic model without a picture, pattern or print. Choosing exactly one-color, we can make the maximum number of sets and stylish looks from this thing. For work, we can choose a white T-shirt or more neutral shades, and for relaxing or walking around the city, you can choose bright options.

Vest or Striped Top

Want a cool nautical look in the summer? Then add to your base a breton or vest that is relevant at all times. Shades can be selected from the classic blue and white stripes to bright red and white. You can wear a striped vest or just a striped top (t-shirt) with trouser summer suits and sneakers, such an image can be everyday, and if you change your shoes to more feminine ones, such as mules or sandals, add accessories, you can safely go on a date or a meeting with friends . Also, this type of clothing is suitable for almost any skirt or shorts. As a proof of its versatility, the vest can be worn as a dress, especially true for summer images on vacation.

White shirt

She simply must be in the wardrobe of every woman. With the help of a shirt you can create a huge number of stylish summer looks. We choose more free classic options of good quality, not shortened models. For the summer, it is better to choose lighter, neutral shades. Printed options are also acceptable, such as a striped shirt. With such models it is easiest to combine the rest of the things in your wardrobe. You can wear basic shirts as an independent element in the form of a dress-shirt or combine it with skirts, jeans and skirts. Make stylish layered looks with a t-shirt and a voluminous shirt. We fill the shirt in front in full or in part, and at the back we leave it out, add accessories and the fashionable look is ready. On vacation, we replace the currently out of season poreo with a free base shirt and feel free to go to the beach.

Linen suit

A linen suit is the best option for hot or cool weather. One of the main qualities of such models, of course, is its material. It is practical, lightweight and has a long service life. And everyone can choose for themselves, as trouser suits, and sets with loose shorts, which are now in fashion. It is especially important to combine such a suit with sneakers, mules with a sharp cape or light leather sandals. We wear a suit, one-piece or separately, adding a jacket to summer dresses or skirts, and we combine shorts or trousers with tops, t-shirts and blouses. Shades for the summer are better to choose lighter, for example, a trendy, non-flashy yellow or mustard color of the costume will add brightness to any look and give your look charm and femininity.

Straw bag

This is not a trend, but a classic. And of course, you can safely pick up this summer accessory in your wardrobe. Now they have a huge selection: from classic beach models to evening raffia clutches. We choose the one that suits both the summer dress with sandals and pants, a T-shirt with sneakers or sneakers. It can be monophonic or with not large contrasting patterns. Undoubtedly, woven bags were and always will be relevant in the summer, and this season it is fashionable to wear such bags in combination with outerwear and large sneakers (ugly sneakers).

Cropped jeans

Practically all things from denim can be written down in the ranks of basic things, they are practical, convenient and universal. For the summer we choose lighter, breathable with the addition of cotton. And of course, no where without your favorite jeans. Particularly relevant for the summer are to purchase cropped jeans of a straight or slightly flared cut to the bottom. The most important thing is to choose them correctly according to the type of your looks and figure. They must have a perfect fit and length that is right for you. Choose classic dark blue shades and jeans without holes and scuffs, such models will never go out of style and will serve you faithfully for any season. You can wear such jeans with regular t-shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies in bright colors, elongated jackets, floral or pea print blouses.


In any stylish look, no accessory anywhere, they are our everything! There are those wardrobe details that fashion is not subject to, they will always be relevant. One of such accessories is a scarf. Every year, only new ways of wearing this universal item can only appear. There is not a single woman whom he did not fit or was able to spoil her image. In the summer you always want to add a highlight to your outfit, but do not overload yourself with bulky jewelry and accessories. It is better to choose medium-sized scarves, so that it can be worn on the head, for example, as a bandage or as a turban that is now fashionable. Also, such scarves are conveniently tied to the neck, hand, like a bracelet or bag. The most ideal for the summer light scarves made of silk or natural cotton. Bright shades of the scarf will decorate the most ordinary everyday look,


What can be a basic summer dress or sundress? Of course, the main condition: it should be light and consist of natural fabrics, for example, chiffon, silk, linen, cotton, lace. In the summer, the basic option can be both a plain bright dress and models of gentle pastel shades. Feel free to choose a dress-sundress with any classic prints: strip, peas, floral print, but in order for the item to be universal, select simple, not too bold patterns. We also pay attention to quality: the better it is, the longer this thing will serve its mistress. A universal option can be a simple, concise straight-cut sundress dress, shirt dress or combination dress. They can be used to work in the office, and go to the movies with friends in the evening. For the base, the average length is slightly higher or lower than the knees. Choose those styles

Midi skirt

There is nothing more feminine than a skirt just below the knees. She emphasizes the slender legs of the girl and at the same time leaves behind a riddle. Midi skirts are suitable for women of any age and any complexion. For the summer, it is better to choose more consolidated styles that do not restrict movement. Also, asymmetrical styles of skirts are very suitable for not tall and miniature beauties, for example, the front part is shorter than the back or the skirt by smell. Of the shades, it is better to choose lighter or brighter shades for the summer, midi skirts with classic prints: strip, pea, cage, flowers will always be in fashion. Such topical models for all time can be worn with summer sandals and a light top, with sneakers and a hoodie in cool weather or with a bright blouse and sandals.


Mules have long been replaced by the familiar and not relevant ballet shoes now. These shoes are more elegant and due to the open back they are not hot. In addition, you can always choose for yourself classic mules, both with a small urban heel, and without it. To create stylish summer looks, choose mules of classic white, brown or black. They will suit both romantic images and business suits. For the greatest practicality and versatility, we choose leather mules with a closed or open nose. The classic version: a white T-shirt, cropped jeans, beige mules and a woven bag will suit any fashionista. For an evening look, choose a feminine midi dress, mules with a heel and an elegant clutch in the color of shoes.

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